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Compagnia dell'Arabica Ethiopia capsules compatible Nespresso*

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Adapted to Nespresso system

1 unit contains 10 capsules.
6 units contain 60 capsules.

Ethiopia is the country of origin of the coffee and the only one in the world where there are plants in the wild. The Harenna forest, one of the biggest in Ethiopia, is located between the mountains of the magnificent Bale National Park, 350 kilometers south of the capital Addis Ababa.
At an elevation of about 1800 meters here grows spontaneously the arabica coffee under the shade of tall trees.

Each family, for millennia, he went into the forest, collects the cherries, the dries in the Sun on beds suspended, the toasts, the pounding in a mortar and offers guests a coffee ceremony, solemn ritual resurfacing, with a strong symbolism of respect and hospitality. The producers pick the ripe fruit by hand, selecting the most Red cherries: operation that is shared with the local fauna, accomplice and antagonist, in respect of the relationship between man and nature.

The wild coffee Presidium Harenna involves 60 families, promotes the shortening of the chain, quality and protection of the territory and guarantee dignity and a proper recognition to the people involved.