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Baci Bag Original Chocolate Black 125 g.

SKU: 67010

VAT not included (VAT inclluded)


baci ® Perugine ® is much more than a chocolate ... it's a unique encounter: the inner tender With A hazel and cocoa pieces reaches its climax with the entire crusty hazelnut, all covered by the double coverage of the refined black chocolate Luisa ® . Each time it will be a unique and unrepeatable experience. > DATA-MCE-FRAGMENT="> A Small artwork that encloses a message: the love note, which has always accompanied Baci ® Perugine ® , converting each baco ® in a unique and special experience.

ingredients: sugar, hazelnuts 26%, cocoa butter, cocoa paste, milk < / Strong> Powder, whey powder, emulsifying sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla aroma. can contain other shell fruits.

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