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Compostable / organic batch


VAT not included (VAT inclluded)


Lot of 4 flavors in our 100% biodegradable compostable format.

This batch contains:

  • Marrakesh: Green tea with mint
    • aromatic and diuretic.
    • Red Power: Red tea with red fruits
      • camomile : chamomile
        • digestive
        • Rooibos & amp; CO: Rooibos with cinnamon and orange
          • Vitamin and antioxidant

            Happy Lab, is our brand of teas and infusions produced by our family business in an ecological manner respecting the environment. >> These Compostable containers free of plastic are elaborated with Kraft paper, a zipper with PLA Compostable and one Biodegradable natureflex label. In addition, the SOILON pyramids are 100% biodegradable.