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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are sustainable

Companies are key to sustainable development

Both Gourmandise and the human team, we are very committed to society for the benefit of the most needy, the Third World and Sustainability, through three continued actions

We use 100% renewable energy

at Gourmandise SL we are aware of the importance of the role we have companies to achieve sustainable development, by This reason we bet on renewable energies as part of our commitment to society, and thus have a cleaner and more sustainable world.

All our energy comes from 100% renewable sources thanks to Som Energia. But our mission does not end here, for this reason this week we have expanded our photovoltaic plaques facilities at 12.6 kWp of power, which will join our previous installation of 7.5 kwp.

Thanks To this expansion the savings in CO2 emissions will be 8.4 long-distance flights!

We are very proud to have achieved this year the Sustainable Development Goal number 7 of the UN for 2050.

Active Africa.

We collaborate with the child school development project for children in Malawi.

Banc dels aliments

Contribution of food products to meet the needs of families without economic resources.